Astur Marine is a comprehensive advice company to clients who have business related to construction, acquisition or purchase and sale of vessels of any kind.


We have great experience in providing technical engineering services and consulting services to port authorities, ship owners and companies who require any specific service.

• Ship-owners and Shipyards Support for hiring new ships and / or second.


• Technical, economic and legal advising.


• Study of offers and selection of most suitable shipyards.


• Analysis and advice on the terms of the contract.


• Definition of prototypes of different types of ships.


• Development and study of coastal lines.


• Feasibility study of Shipyards and Shipping Companies, Projects.


• Study of Industries and Fisheries Sectors, Naval, etc.


• Support for the central purchasing body. International Dealmaker.


• Energy audits.


• Preparation of Manuals for ISM and ISPS Codes.


• Risk Assessment.


• Development of Manuals and Security Protocols, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety.


• Preparation of FMEA.


• Conflict mediation.


• Training courses in the maritime sector.


• Collaboration in R&D. Astur Marine has strengthened its collaboration in R & D by creating a department dedicated to this field. We advise on the identification, submission of aids and commissioning of those projects within the company that can be considered innovative.

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