Astur Marine offers its customers a complete range of services related to naval architecture, engineering and shipbuilding detail, ranging from the nesting of plates and profiles, to piping design and numerical control.


We provide integral services of Naval engineering from design to specifications and basic construction drawings for new designs, modifications and conversions.


We get involved in the design of the ship from the beginning and we attended the owner and the shipyard even in the proposal stage.


Project management is one of our areas of activity. With this we try to ensure the delivery on time, with special attention to the fulfilment of the project and budget approved by the client.



• Design and realization of preliminary projects.


• Naval Architecture.


• Project management.


• Basic Engineering.


• Implementation, monitoring, coordination and management of the detailed engineering.


• Management of the technical documentation and monitoring.


• Design of equipment, boiler making: Non structural tanks, polines, hatches, gratings, etc…


• Calculation of vessels:


     • Modification and approval of the ship's structure.


     • Development and design of steel drawings.


     • Control and elaboration of steel orders.


     • Preparation of the documents required for cutting.


     • Estimation of the surface to be painted.


     • Maneuvering of blocks.


     • Stranding drawings.





• Constructive strategy.


• Technical support to production in all its phases.


• Studies to optimize production systems.


• Resolution of constructive problems and reforms in works, managing their approval if necessary.



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