Ship management involves a number of services to be maintained throughout the life of the ship. Vessels require planned maintenance involving repairs, spare parts, etc.


But also maintenance should move in the direction of prevention, to reduce repair costs, except when unavoidable and thus extending the life of the ship.


• We implement and execute the technical plans and maintenance of ships to ensure their operations in a safe manner.


• We do all the necessary inspections to evaluate the technical condition of the vessels in all departments and areas.


• We regularly check the main engine to control the standard parameters and performance level.


• We organize and hire the services of workshops to implement the repair on and maintenance in accordance with maintenance plans.


• At the time we coordinate the repair on dock that corresponds to ship.


• We deliver to the owner a detailed technical and management report.


• We provide training to the captains, officers and crew who will need it (ECOIS, Onboard Safety Officer, Management of bridge resource MLC2006, Management Code, etc.).


• We assure a management system of records and documents in paper or computing, according to the one which best suits vessel’s characteristics (Internet coverage, navigation area, number of crew, number of ships, etc.).



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